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Twilight Fics: The Original Twilight Fanfic Community!

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The original Twilight Fanfic Community!
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Hi there,

You've reached the original livejournal community for posting all Twilight-related fanfiction. If you're a new or experience writer, you're most welcome to share your stories with us! If you're not a writer - but a reader - that's okay, too! You can simply browse the tags and see what interests you! We hope you enjoy your stay here!

The Rules
how this community functions.

1. This is a fanfic community for the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Please don't post anything else no matter how related it is to the series. No news, no graphics, no icon posts... nothing! Only fanfiction. Get it?

2.All posts should have:
 Title In The Subject Line
 Title: Title of your story
 Author: Your LJ Username
 Rating: K (all ages), T (teen), NC17/M (mature readers)
 Characters/Pairings: Tell us who is in your story.
 Short summary: Describe your fic.
 Any warnings: Please note if there are spoilers, offensive themes and if it isn't safe for work etc.

3. Please place all fics under a LJ-Cut. If you don't do this, your post will be deleted promptly. Here's how.

4. Constructive criticism is acceptable, but if we see anyone being overly rude or flaming a poster, they will be deleted from the community. If you don't know the difference, don't say anything at all.

5. No introduction posts. Nothing personal, that will just clog up readers filters on their friends lists.

6. If you want to advertise a community, get permission from the mod first. You can do so by going to twifics_mod and asking there.

frequently asked questions

What kind of fanfiction is allowed?
Anything. If you like slash, AU, All-human, whatever! Just as long as you rate them appropriately and let the reader know just what they're getting into before they click your link. As long as it's Twilight related, it belongs here!

Who are the mods?
This community was started by faito_oh back in 2006 and is now moderated by fadedpresence/ twifics_mod. Please do not send fadedpresence PM's or comments on her personal journal regarding this community; you can contact the mod account for that instead.

outward links

twilight_adult (18+ only.)

Want to affiliate? Please go through twifics_mod, too.

Profile Codes: palebird.

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